Ed Paschke: Mixed Media

Ed Paschke: Mixed Media

Date: 2/26/2018 - 12/16/2018

Ed Paschke is world renowned as a painter of outstanding wit and impact. His exploration of the social, cultural and political dimensions of identity challenge traditional standards of beauty and collapse established hierarchies of taste and value. 

Much like the layered, multi-faceted readings of his work, Paschke also skillfully translated his ideas across two and three dimensions in a variety of media. 

Traversing the full arc of his forty-year career, Ed Paschke: Mixed Media features drawings, paintings, sculptures and prints—including lithographs and silkscreens pulled at over half a dozen workshops and presses. 

Selected by Paschke’s daughter Sharon and drawn exclusively from her private collection, EPAC’s permanent display of Paschke’s PHSColograms, public art commission, and studio contextualize his creative methods and working process. 

Immensely creative and productive, this exhibition is the first to trace Paschke’s ability to isolate, frame and refine what inspired him over time and across materials. 

Image Credit: Ed Paschke, Winging, 1968. Oil on Canvas, 34 X 22 inches.